Premises extension project

The Muslim community is becoming larger in the Southern East area of Queensland. The trustees of the Islamic Association in Lutwyche decided to consider options to accommodate the increasing numbers of people attending prayers at the Masjid. The acquisition of the next door property is currently the best option.

The property

Many of the people attending the Masjid, especially during Friday prayer, noticed the growing number of attendees. This calls for an extension for our Community Centre to accommodate the increasing number in attendees. The best option is to purchase the next door property on Fuller street. The acquisition of this property will double the space for our Community Centre. The trustees of the Islamic Association in Lutwyche discussed the project with the owners of the property.

Blue rectangular marks the property to purchase

Women's Section

The women attending prayers and lessons in the Masjid have also noticed the increase in attendance. Admittedly, women can relate to the space problem since the Women's section is noticeably small. This extension project will at least double the Women's section allowing more women to attend the Masjid's prayers and activities comfortably.

you can be part of it

This is where the Masjid needs your help. We are currently campaigning to raise funds. Other Islamic Centres in Queensland and in other states in Australia are assisting in this fundraising. We are receiving great and continuous support, but we are yet to raise enough funds. The trustees of the Islamic Association of Lutwyche will convene to preapre details about the project and will announce them her on our website right away.

How to donate?

The Islamic Association in Lutwyche has set up a special bank account for the fundraising of this extension project. This will help us keep the the donated funds separate from the operation funds.

Masjid Extension Fund


Also, to help the donators with payment options, we have setup an online donation facility so you can donate using your debit/credit cards. You can also setup regular donations to the Masjid's general bank account


More information

If you have any questions about the Islamic Association in Lutwyche, the extension project or the donation procedures, please send an email to indicating your inquiries and we will answer them as soon as we can.