Friday prayer

Masjid Lutwyche now can accommodate 200 people indoors under the Queensland Government's restrictions easing roadmap. Queensland Government requires us to register all attendees of Friday Prayers. So we arranged this booking system to minimise efforts, for both attendees and Masjid's team, checking-in people into the Masjid.

Before you register, please note the following:

  1. You must provide details for you and all attendees coming with you, like family or friends, each with their real names and details. Do NOT duplicate your name for the other attendees.
  2. You show the registration QR Code for team at the Masjid's door to be able to check you in. Your name can be used to lookup the registration, but it will take a bit more time.

COVID-19 Safety Rules

For all prayers and events in Masjid Lutwyche now and forward (until further notice), please adhere to the following rules instructed by the government for a COVID Safe gathering:

  1. Preferred to perform your wudu at home.
  2. Bring your own prayer mat.
  3. Practice social distancing (1.5meters of separation).
  4. Register for your spot using the relevant registration form.
  5. Using hand sanitiser on entry and exit.
  6. To attend Friday Prayers and other special events like Eid Prayer, please find the event below and register your details and the details of people coming with you.

DO NOT attend the Masjid if you are Unwell or have been in contact with someone that is unwell. This includes having a cough, temperature, runny nose or flu.